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Semester 1, 2016/17

Timetable and grouping rules:
1. Students are NOT ALLOWED to change group without the acknowledgement of the lab coordinators.
If this happens, marks will be deducted without notice.

2. Any request for group change must be supported by very strong justifications. Reasons such as want to be together with good friends, do not prefer to be with someone in a group or want to avoid Friday sessions will NOT be entertained.

3. The groups are arranged randomly.

4. Each experiment (including replacement sessions) is NOT allowed to be performed by more than 4 students at the same time, except for experiments conducted in Computer Lab and Analog and Digital Lab.

5. Students are NOT allowed to mix with other group members when performing an experiment even if the number of students performing the experiment is less than 4.

6. For students who are unable to attend the lab session according to the timetable or have missed an experiment while their group members have performed the experiment, please inform the Lab Coordinator (
**Lab timetable and grouping**
KIE1001 Laboratory 1 (Lab begins on 27th September 2016 @ Week 4)
KIJ1001 Laboratory 1 (Lab begins on 19th September 2016 @ Week 3)
KEEE2275 Laboratory 3 (Lab begins on 27th September 2016 @ Week 4)
KEET2275 Laboratory 3 (Lab begins on 19th September 2016 @ Week 3)
KEEE3277 Laboratory 5
(Lab begins on 20th September 2016 @ Week 3)
KEET3277 Laboratory 5
(Lab begins on 29th September 2016 @ Week 4)
KEEE4274 Laboratory 7 (Lab begins on 29th September 2016 @ Week 4)
KEET4274 Laboratory 7
(Lab begins on 27th September 2016 @ Week 4)

* If your name is not in the list (due to late registration), please contact the lab Coordinators.
* Your name only appears in the list if you have registered for the lab course.

* Some lab sessions have to begin in Week 3 due to the public holidays, which fall on 3rd October 2016 and 12th December 2016.

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