Guideline for lab demonstrators

Dear Lab Demonstrators,

Please note that the followings are the tasks of a lab demonstrator:

Before an experiment starts:

  1. Familiarise with the equipment and experiment procedures
  2. Ensure that students are attending the correct experiment session
  3. Take note on any students who come 10 minutes later than the scheduled time
  4. Explain to students on safety precaution before allowing students to begin with the experiment
  5. Evaluate students' basic knowledge related to the experiment by asking them some questions


During an experiment session:

  1. Assess students' performance using the provided Lab and Teamwork Rubric
  2. Observe and monitor students closely
  3. Help students in case if they need help
  4. Respond to an emergency situation as quick as possible by liaising with the lab technician
  5. Advise students if they have done any mistake or did not perform the experiment according to the procedure
  6. Ensure that students do not copy previous experiment results


After the experiment session:

  1. Ensure that all power supplies have been turned OFF
  2. Ensure that students have performed all tests in the experiment
  3. Check and assess the students' results
  4. Mark the lab report in the end of the semester (using the Lab Report Rubrics)

In the end of each semester, students will assess the performance of the lab demonstrators using provided rubrics. Poor assessment marks may lead to disqualification of GRA Scheme renewal or application as paid demonstrator in future semester.


Thank you.

Lab Coordinators