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Guideline for students

Dear Students,

Before the Lab Session

Make sure that you:

  1. Have downloaded the relevant lab sheet.
  2. Have read and understood what the experiment is about (such as what will be done, what results are expected).
  3. Have prepared with some theoretical background related to the experiment. Demonstrators will be asking some questions related to the experiment before performing the experiment.
  4. Have written something in the log book/paper related to the experiment.
  5. Have performed simulation exercise related to the experiment (where necessary). Demonstrators will be checking your simulation results before the lab session starts.
  6. Are available on the date and time of the lab session.
  7. Are able to access the lab sheet anytime (softcopy or hardcopy).

*** Students are advised to keep their lecture notes of previous semesters and bring the related lecture notes along during lab sessions for reference.


During the Lab Session

  1. Bring along your log book/papers for recording the results.
  2. Bring along the lab sheet (softcopy or hardcopy).
  3. Wear shoes, NOT slippers (for safety reasons).
  4. Come on time. Marks to be deducted for more than 10 minutes late.
  5. Do not bring any food and drink into the lab.
  6. Work together and communicate with your group members.
  7. Perform the experiment according to the lab sheet and demonstrator's guide.
  8. Record all findings in a LOG BOOK/paper. They will be checked by demonstrators.
  9. For experiments using PC, save your results in a pendrive. This must be done by ALL students in every group.
  10. Know what you are being assessed by the lab demonstrators (see Lab and Teamwork Rubric).
  11. Obey the technician’s and demonstrator’s orders.


After the Lab Session

  1. Tell the lab demonstrators that you have completed your work.
  2. Sign the attendance sheet.
  3. Leave the lab quietly with all your belongings.
  4. Write your lab report only using the Excel file provided in the Spectrum. Visit the lab course Spectrum and look for "Lab report file" to download the file.


Lab Report Submission and Deadline

  1. Students can only submit their lab report after the relevant experiment has been performed in the lab.
  2. Lab report must be submitted ONLINE through Spectrum before the given deadline. Please visit your lab course Spectrum for submission.
  3. No hardcopy submission required.


Have a nice experiment everyone!!


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